Dan Piggott, CEO Ashfield

Dan has worked for the Ashfield Division of companies for more than 14 years. Originally from the UK where he began his career as a Sales Representative, Dan has held a variety of Senior Management and Country Management roles across the Division. Dan was the General Manager for Ashfield Ireland after which he moved to the US to take up the role of Director of Operations for Ashfield before being appointed CEO for Universal WorldEvents. In November this year, following the merger of Ashfield and Alliance, Dan was appointed CEO for Ashfield US.

dpiggott@alliancehealthinfo.com; 215-347-6451

Nareda Mills, Head of Operations - Nursing Services

Nareda has over 16 years of experience in the healthcare and Pharma industry in various leadership roles. Prior to working for Ashfield, Nareda worked as the manager of the University of South Florida sub-specialty clinics. Nareda has vast experience with biologics and injectables and first joined Ashfield as a field based Certified Asthma Educator. Nareda was quickly promoted to field trainer and Nurse Manager and then on to become a Project Manager of many successful Nursing Teams. After completing our Emerging Leaders Program Nareda was then promoted to become our Head of Operations for all Nursing Services at Ashfield.

Nareda.mills@ashfieldhealthcare.com; 215-285-3344

Maria Canfield, Client Services

Maria has over 20 years of leadership experience in contact center and client services environments; mostly with outsource providers serving the healthcare industry. She has led the implementation process for dozens of contact center programs, of all shapes and sizes. A lifelong resident of the Philadelphia area, she holds a BA in English from Temple University.

mcanfield@alliancehealthinfo.com; 215-347-4051

Kristin Ortlieb, Senior Vice President, Operations

Kristin has been with Ashfield since 1996. She began her career at Ashfield as a Project Manager in the Client Services division and later established the Quality Assurance department. Her past responsibilities have also included oversight of the Software Development, IT and Data Entry departments. Kristin currently oversees Call Center and Fulfillment Operations, as well as Facility Operations. She graduated from Pennsylvania State University in 1996 with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Telecommunications.

kortlieb@alliancehealthinfo.com; 215-347-1121

Tracey Fama, Director of Compliance

Tracey has worked in the pharmaceutical industry for over 15 years. Her expertise includes all areas of compliance, sample accountability and state reporting regulations. Tracey will be on hand to support everyone with any compliance or procedural based questions.

tfama@ashfieldhealthcare.com; 215-347-6416

Eleri Davies, VP of Human Resources

Eleri has 16 years commercial experience and has worked for Ashfield for 10 years both in the UK and the USA. Having graduated in law she specializes in Human resources and employee relations. She has held various positions within the Ashfield Group, including HR Manager, Legal Executive, Project Manager, Operations Manager and then more recently VP, HRD. Eleri will be focusing predominantly on all aspects relating to HR and Development but will also be providing the Program Team with some operational support too.

edavies@ashfieldhealthcare.com; 215-347-6411

Jaimie Hopkins, Team Lead, Fleet Manager

Jaimie has 5 years commercial experience with particular focus in the areas of Client Services, Employee Benefits and Employee Relations. Jaimie is currently the team lead for the Project Coordinator’s and manages the maintenance and transportation of Ashfield’s Fleet Vehicles.

jhopkins@ashfieldhealthcare.com; 215-347-6432

Kirstyn Kristiansen, Project Coordinator

Kirstyn has 4 years commercial experience working with clients on a sales and customer service basis. Her career at Ashfield began in the recruitment department and within a year was promoted to Project Coordinator. As a Project Coordinator, Kirstyn has worked with both dedicated and per diem nurse educator teams.

kkristiansen@ashfieldhealthcare.com; 215-347-6470

John Dawson, Vice President, Call Center and Fulfillment Operations

John brings over 12 years of pharmaceutical call center experience to the team. John joined Alliance in 2007 as Director, Call Center Operations and has since then been promoted to Vice President, Call Center Operations. Along with Client Services, John provides support in the design, development and implementation of Call Center programs. John and his team evaluate customer requirements and service levels on a daily basis to ensure call quality and compliance of all project specific guidelines.

jdawson@alliancehealthinfo.com; 215-347-1112

Maria Harryn, Senior Vice President, Client Services

Maria has over 20 years in marketing and client service experience. She launched her career in Philadelphia where she worked for several advertising agencies managing print production, direct mail and fulfilment. Maria transitioned to the pharmaceutical industry by applying her print production background in a Project Management role. Maria joined Ashfield in January 2004 as Director, Client Services. She has been attentive to ensuring that our clients' needs are not only met, but exceeded on a daily basis.

mharryn@alliancehealthinfo.com; 215 347-4033